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Analogmagik Cartridge Alignment Software

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AnalogMagik Cartridge Alignment Software представляет собой программу основанную на базе Windows для всесторонней калибровке картриджа звукоснимателя, которую разработала группа американских инженеров во главе с Ричардом Х. Мак(Richard H. Mak). 

Они предложили научный и повторяемый метод калибровки каждого параметра установки картриджа звукоснимателя включая:

  • скорость проигрывателя
  • азимут
  • Вертикальный угол отслеживания(VTA) и угол наклона картриджа
  • Антискейтинг
  • Оптимизация загрузки фонокорректора
  • Оптимизация установок коэффициента усиления предусилителя
  • Вертикальная сила отслеживания
  • Измерение вибраций
  • Определение резонансных частот

Groundbreaking Cartridge-Alignment Software and Test LPs Address Every Set-Up Parameter Via Science- and Math-Based Methodology: Fine-Tune VTA, VTF, Azimuth, Anti-Skating, and Much More

Until now, nothing on the audio market evaluated every cartridge set-up parameter. AnalogMagik cartridge-alignment software and test LPs changes that. Offering unprecedented all-in-one cartridge setup by way of science- and math-based methodology that includes proprietary algorithms, AnalogMagik allows for repeatable evaluation of turntable speed, azimuth, VTA, anti-skating, vertical tracking force, vibration measurement, and AES wow and flutter. It also fine-tunes phono preamplifier stage loading and gain setting, and determines resonance frequencies. While incredibly complex in theory, AnalogMagik is a breeze to use. Simply follow the onscreen instructions and the program will guide you through all the test functions all the while telling you what optimal numbers you should seek and the adjustments needed to reach those figures. The package comes with the software program, a license USB key, a 33RPM test LP, and a 45RPM test LP. AnalogMagik epitomizes optimal analog setup. Read more in-depth about this truly groundbreaking creation below and rest assuredly that with AnalogMagik, your analog system will perform to a level you've never previously heard.

Different from All Other Set-Up Tools
Nearly all the other available tools on the market will fine-tune only one or two specific parameters in isolation. For example, many tools will allow you to determine azimuth but leave out anti-skating, VTA, and VTF. Users have to resort to inconsistent and non-scientific methods to setup the rest of the parameters, leading to a sub-optimal setup.

How AnalogMagik Achieves Optimal Setup
An optimal setup allows for the accurate retrieval of recording signals. This requires minimizing distortion levels in all set-up parameters (VTA, VTF, azimuth, anti-skating, etc.). All such parameters are dependent and inter-related, and none can be optimized in isolation. AnalogMagik finds the optimal point that delivers low distortion numbers on not just one but as many parameters as possible. For example, assuming you discovered the optimal azimuth angle requires you to tilt the cartridge by two degrees, but as a result, causes a degradation to VTA/SRA, anti-skating, and VTF readings. AnalogMagik will not consider this an optimal setup. But if you tilt the cartridge by only one degree – a move that causes a slight degradation to azimuth readings but improves VTA/SRA, VTF, and anti-skating readings – this constitutes a more optimal setup since it takes into account multiple set-up parameters as a whole without over-emphasizing one specific parameter.

Far More (and More Effective) Than a Distortion Analyzer
Any distortion analyzer can compute data. You can probably duplicate some of our test functions using the myriad of available computer and hardware based analyzers. Many of them are free. However, all of them lack the most important trait: the complex algorithm, proprietary filtering and mathematical averaging required to analyze data coming from the AnalogMagik test LPs designed to work with our algorithms. Knowing how to interpret such data in a meaningful way is very difficult. An ordinary distortion analyzer does not have the appropriate filtering to deliver consistent and repeatable results. Just throw in a slightly warped record and your results will be off. AnalogMagik contains proprietary complex algorithms built into the programming and specific settings to account for the following: A proper sampling rate; a proper sampling period; complex filtering for noise, clicks, pops, and statics; complex mathematical averaging; the effects of warped records and off-centered spindle holes; mathematical standard deviation; the detrimental effects of line electric noise; the effects of hum. AnalogMagik's complex programming will greatly improve the accuracy and consistency of the results, which an ordinary distortion analyzer will not provide. Thousands of hours were spent perfecting the special algorithm specifically designed to work with the signals on the test LPs. The tracks on the LPs are also strategically located at certain locations optimized for certain signals.

Includes 33.3RPM and 45RPM Test LPs
AnalogMagik supplies both 180g 33.3RPM and 45RPM test LPs because the forces experienced by a cartridge's stylus are different under different turntable speeds. For example, at 45RPM, the dragging force is greater than when at 33.3RPM, which will cause the VTA/SRA angle to slightly change. A faster speed will also increase centripetal force, which may require a slightly different anti-skating as well as azimuth setting. For those with multiple tonearms and cartridges, a 45RPM test LP allows you to optimize a specific arm/cartridge combination to play 45RPM records.

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