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ISOkinetik ISOweight 103 g

5 600

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“Best bang for buck? The ISOweight is the first thing to have on your shopping list- its great value and a surprising improvement” Neville Roberts Hi Fi World

ISOweight 103g, 130g or 144g select your size in drop down box.

Rega tonearm counter weight- incredible audiophile value for money

Asymmetrical design lowering centre of gravity exerting less pressure on the bearing

Exceptional sonic improvement due to improved tracking, placement of stylus in the groove

The stock Weight on the Rega tonearm Gyrates as the Stylus slaps around in the grooves causing tracking errors that muddy up the sound.The ISOweight does NOT GYRATE in this manner.

As a result of its unique asymmetrical design (works like a balancing beam for Superior Tracking, roll both weights on a flat level surface and you'll see for yourself) and precision machining,

Fits Rega RB300 RB301 RB600 RB700 RB900 RB808 RB 303 RB1000 also Moth and other Rega derivative arms and when using ISOend this product will fit RB 250 RB 202

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