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Ortofon 100 Year Anniversary Book

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The Ortofon Anniversary Book, Golden Edition is a specially commissioned book, written by Kevin Howlett, tracking the long and illustrious history of Ortofon A/S. From humble beginnings in 1918 as a small company that changed the way film systems integrated audio, up to the introduction of Ortofon Cutterheads and the iconic SPU cartridge in the mid-1900s, through to the Ortofon we know and love today, this book tracks it all. 

With fascinating archive material and a rich detailed story that shows the ups and downs of the world's leading pick-up cartridge company, the Ortofon Anniversary Book is a great way to get behind the scenes of your precious pick-up cartridge. This book truly marks a century of Accuracy in Sound.

Key Features:

  • Specially commissioned book
  • Released to mark 100 years of Ortofon A/S
  • Features extensive input from Henley Audio
  • Sized like a vinyl record

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