he Bespoke Audio Company is a private limited company formed, owned and operated by Lucy Gastall and Harry O'Sullivan. They founded The Bespoke Audio Company on two principles: to hold the experience of the customer as paramount and to accept no compromise in anything we do.

They want to raise the standards of what can be expected from a fine audio company. Nothing less will do for our customers, so nothing else will do for us. They share a passion for music and a commitment to excellence. After many years honing our skills and developing our approach, we

founded The Bespoke Audio Company to give us the freedom to define our own high objectives. The Bespoke Audio Company is based in Hastings, on the south coast of England. Hastings is known as the site of the Battle of Hastings in 1066, as the birthplace of television and for its transformer

history – Michael Faraday stayed here in the summer of 1831 and later that year he announced his discovery of electromagnetic induction to the Royal Society London. Hastings now serves as the home of The Bespoke Audio Company and our workshop is in a converted Victorian building within a

small, artisan industrial yard in the centre of the town, overlooked by the ruins of Hastings Castle, which celebrates its 952nd birthday this year.