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Nasotec Swing Headshell 203A1 Silver 5 g

арт. 203A1SR
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Why tonearm geometry? - For stylus's equal pressure on both groove walls.

Swing Headshell keeps equal pressure on both groove walls so sound reproduction is balanced between the two channels. More details, more natural and more balanced. Sound improvement will be more than beyond your imagination.

Improves tracking ability. No distinction of inner and outer groove tracking performance.

Well-balanced swing by two springs will make a wonderful groove tracking through the whole tracks. To make it easy to understand what the 'Swing Headshell' is, it seems to us that the 'Swing Headshell' is an another short arm. 
Due to having a soft joint, short and light arm with 'Swing Headshell' can be tracked a groove more delicately with well-balanced forces. 
How can it be possible about that? The stylus can be entered more deep in the groove, with the light and flexible swing, and track in the both sides of groove with well-balanced forces. We could check out the performance of LP test. 
And also we make sure that our customers will be found an excellent tracking and resonance in our product.

Minimizes tonearm resonance.  

The most of vibration occurred in a cartridge is cleared away through the joint and the extremely small amount of the vibration is transferred to the arm. According to our comparison test of tonearm resonance, we could find the arm 
equipped with 'Swing Headshell' is much superior to any other common type of arm existed at present for the tonearm resonance. Due to the joint equipped with 'Swing Headshell', the resonance is more excellent than one-body headshell or tonearm.

Extends lifespan of the stylus.

-We can expect a long life span of the stylus since the soft and flexible swing reduce the pressure of stylus and not to wear in one-sided.
-Swing Headshell doesn't bend the stylus cantilevers as it always keep same pressure on both grove walls.

Features of the new spring version

- Two springs hold swing head: more dynimic and more firm bass
- Perfect swing balancing: better tracking ability
- Easy to set up


- Gross weight: 12g

- Swing head weight: 4.5g

- CNC machined aluminum

Headshell plug option


3D Frequency analyzer screenshot
Test: 20.05.2017 from Germany / Frequency range: 20 Hz ~ 20.5 kHz
[Test condition]
Top: Standard headshell / Bottom: Nasotec Swing headshell
Both are installed at a Clearaudio Solution with Nasotec outer ring & mat typ B and record weight. Tonearm: SME 3009
The recording is done from the 12” “Joachim Witt – Tri Tra Trullala (Herbergsvater)”.
No rumble filter and same recording level.