Etsuro-Urushi Gold

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The Etsuro Gold represents the top of the MC cartridge models and has been created to provide supreme sensation to the audiophiles around the world. Faithful to the basic engineering, the Etsuro Gold has absorbed over 40years of cartridge manufacturing experience of Excel Sound.

Etsuro Gold model features the diamond cantilever and due to the diamond’s hardness characteristics, the vibration transmittance speed can be increased to improve the sound quality. At the same time, unnecessary resonance is reduced to emphasize the transparency of the reproduced sound.

The stylus tip uses special polished Microline stylus having ideal contact surface of 80μm against the record grooves to achieve high reproduction performance.

The magnetic circuit is based on the combination of electromagnetic soft iron and samarium cobalt, proven by many of its achievements, to realize magnetic characteristics consistent with the coil vibration to ensure overall balance and thickness of the sound. 2.5mm pure sapphire base will firmly support each of these highest quality materials to eliminate the loss of signal.

Japanese traditional craft technique, gold leaf, has been applied to the housing made of extra-super duralumin (A7075). The elegant gold leaf finish of the housing was succeeded by the cooperation of Hakuichi, located in Kanazawa prefecture. Etsuro Gold is finished using “Hon Kinpaku” 24K purity gold to surround the super rigid extra-super duralumin body (A7075) to reduce unwanted resonance.

The specially treated pure copper coil is wounded in-house and the components are also precisely hand assembled with consistency by the skilled craftsmen of Excel Sound carrying over many years of accumulated cartridge production experience. The performance together with the elegant and gorgeous finish deserves to be the top model.



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Материал кантилевера


Материал корпуса


Профиль иглы

Micro Line

Частотный диапазон

10-50000 Гц 

Разделение каналов 

33 дБ 

Величина прижимной силы

2 г 

Выходное напряжение

0,3 мВ 

Разделение каналов

менее 0,3 дБ (1 кГц)

Рекомендуемое сопротивление  нагрузки

4 Ом

Отслеживаемость дорожки 

70 мкм/ 2 г

Тип крепления

standard (half-inch) 

Вес картриджа

8.7 г