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Symbol Audio Modern Record Player Black with Base

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Modern Record Player,a first-of-its-kind audiophile quality record player with upgradable wireless capability, is the perfect setup for current music collections combining a traditional record player with the latest streaming technology in a single package. Designed and constructed with the same impeccable attention to quality craftsmanship that is the hallmark of the Symbol brand, the Modern Record Player redefines high-fidelity vinyl playback on a tabletop scale. When paired with the custom designed stand, the Modern Record Player adds a sculptural element to any room.

Dimensions: 18.25″ W x 16.5″ D x 37.25″ H (with base), 18.25″ W x 15.25″ D x 11.5″ H (without base)


  • The Modern Record Player includes custom-engineered speakers and crossovers developed and tuned in partnership with Morel, an industry leader for speaker development and design.
  • The custom-built class AB amplifier delivers audiophile sound that is transparent with well-defined bass, and lively dynamics.
  • The unique three-phase turntable isolation system eliminates unwanted vibrations and the acrylic platter ensures speed consistency, delivering exacting sound reproduction without interference or feedback.
  • The three-source selector switch allows for phono, auxiliary, or wireless use. The record player can be connected to a Wi-Fi audio source and a line-out enables integration into a whole-home audio system.
  • A concealed internal compartment with onboard power allows for small wireless components such as Sonos Connect to be integrated, out of sight, with no additional cords visible.
  • The design combines an aluminum body available in anodized Jet Black or Glacier White with brushed aluminum sides.