Lignola TT100 Brown/Black

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  • Описание

Norbert Gütte's most recent product is this device-table, combined with the low frequency dampers D172, also developed and produced by him. Its self-resonant frequency is only 3 Hz.

Thus an excellent decoupling of oscillations is achieved and the device is protected from external vibration. This table fits perfectly into the range of technically sumptuous products in the area of high-end audiophile furniture which has been a highly favored element of many listening rooms for more than a decade and keeps enjoying great popularity, e.g. with The Bench.

For a long time, Norbert Gütte has dedicated himself to improving the audiophile listening pleasure. In this spirit, protracted measurings were made, and he noticed that a proper decoupling from the base was not even realized with heavyweight turntables. This lead to the complex work of developing of this table.

The body is characterized by the heavy weight of five several layers which adds up to about 100kg (220lbs). The construction of these separated layers allows an easy transportation and assembly. The layers each consist of multi-ply wood panels, within those there are sophisticated, meander-shaped milled slots. Thereby the self-resonant frequency of the table is enhanced.

The dapper, unobtrusive appearance, despite the heavy own weight, can also be ascribed to the real wood veneer which is consistent with the alternatingly arranged black varnished panels.

A firm and stable ground contact, while sustaining the height adjustability, is achieved in connection with the especially concerted dampers, arranged in the shape of an equilateral triangle.

The new, significantly clearer music feeling which is now completely devoid of external mechanical influences can also be appreciated through the fact that even when manually exiting the table, the stylus works absolutely accurately.

The Table Of Silence also offers a new kind of solution to the problem that turntables without a subchassis are extremely sensitive to external influences.

The result is a untroubled listening experience, accurate in every detail, which highlights the strong points of the born record player.

This product is registered at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office.