FTR Vinyl Storage Base Large One Layer Traffic White

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Start organizing your vinyl collection with the For The Record base model. The first layer  stores 240-270 of your records and to make sure that you can keep collecting records throughout your lifetime we have created a timeless and functional storage design that grows with your collection. Expand the storage with an additional layer when you run out of space. The aluminium panels in between the birch wood shelves make the design sturdy and gives you the ability to categorize your albums the way you want to. Keep collecting and give your records the storage treatment they deserve.


One layer
150 x 36 x 50 cm
holds 240 - 270 records
Two layers
150 x 36 x 85.5 cm
holds 480 - 540 records
Three layers
150 x 36 x 121 cm
holds 720 - 810 records
Four layers
150 x 36 x 156.5 cm
holds 960 - 1080 records
Five layers
150 x 36 x 192 cm
holds 1200 - 1350 records
Six layers
150 x 36 x 227.5 cm
holds 1440 - 1620 records

Birch Wood shelves 
Thick powder coated aluminium panels