Astat Premium Green Record-Film Record Cleaner

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After more than 35 years’ absence, the cult record cleaner is back again – with an improved formula.
Cleaning with Grüner Record Film leaves your records deep clean, residue- and static-free – no more scratching to spoil your enjoyment of them. The easily removable yet robust latex layer makes maintaining your records easy as pie. The special colour of the liquid ensures that you don’t miss a spot when cleaning your records. Drying time, depending on the thickness of the layer and ambient temperature, is about 50 minutes. The latex layer is completely biodegradable. Non-flammable. Non-toxic.


Place the record horizontally and then let the liquid drip onto the running surface evenly and in manageable quantities. For example, use the sponge head of this bottle to spread the liquid all over – if necessary, apply more liquid. At the end of the drying time the layer becomes transparent – simply remove by pulling it off. The record can be played immediately afterwards.

Content: 250ml
Made in Germany by ASTAT Premium