Studio Konzert Ruf Jaurena Project Live Limited Edition

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NLP4167/In-Akustik 05841671
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STUDIO KONZERT is the audiophile Direct-To-2-Track fully analogue recorded concert series, produced by the Bauer Studios since early 2013 and available in shops as numbered and limited 180g vinyl records with a premium-quality packaging.

STUDIO KONZERT: That is our large atmospheric recording room, which inspired numerous first-class artists. That is also extreme concentration and highly motivated artists for this very special moment. It is an attentive audience captivated by the fascination of this moment. This is the only way to create such fascinating moments in a very special concert situation.

STUDIO KONZERT: That are experienced sound engineers who conduct the acoustic brilliance with our first-class studio equipment: precious microphones, analogue effect devices and our clear, analogue Neve mixing console. Our Studer A 820 tape-records in a unique direct-to-2-track” way.

Prizewinning Tango-Duo Jaurena Ruf is telling stories with their instruments, poetical and sensual: stories about live and death, friendship and disjunction, with heart, soul and forcefulness. Cheerful milongas by Anibal Troilos, Canciones by Carlos Dardel, Tango Nuevo and lyrical compositions by Raul Jaurena revivesTango history.

For me a day without my bandoneon is unimaginable. I live and breathe each day anew with it, relates bandoneon master Raul Jaurena. Together with conductor and clarinettist Bernd Ruf they have performed as a duo since 2009, developing Tango Tales – tango chamber music for clarinet and bandoneon along poetic lines.

The special tonal combination of bandoneon and clarinet fills us with enthusiasm time and time again. From single to triple voice textures and thanks to their special shared harmonics the figures blend, contrast and at times combine with one another into a single instrument before once again resuming their unique individual roles. The duo is both the smallest and the most intensive form of musical collaboration, non-verbal communication and exchange.


Jaurena, Raul – bandoneon

Ruf, Bernd – clarinet


El Choclo

Aire de Candombe (Ruf Jaurena ProjectRuf Jaurena Project (Jaurena, Raul & Ruf, Bernd))


Angel Bailarin

Para Vos Y Para Mi

El Repecho

La Cumparsita

La Trampera