Studio Konzert Black Project Live Limited Edition

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NLP4212/In-Akustik 0584212
  • Описание

To some, the name BLACK PROJECT might be reminiscent of a top secret US military defence project. In reality, the Mannheim-based sextett has little in common with its namesake, except maybe for a mystic aura of secrecy.

Simply calling BLACK PROJECT a fusion band would not do justice to the profound variety of its soundscape because there are too many musical influences that go into this melting pot that discards any cliché attached to each individual genre. As the name suggests, the color black is of great importance to the group: a dark timbre, a dash of blues, a great deal of rawness à la Hendrix and immense creative freedom à la Miles Davis’ „Bitches Brew“ are ingredients to this jazzy concoction as well as some exotic instrumentation from the use of a mandolin, banjo, noise elements and steel pedal guitar.

All members of the ensemble are tied together by the bonds of shared musical experience which led to friendship. All of these nights together on stage have crystallized into rich and extensive compositions, harboring a mixture of different tastes and preferences to paint a picture in the head of each listener.

All songs on the STUDIO KONZERT vinyl are original compositions by band members – most of them from the pen of Matthias Debus and Jörg Teichert – and show the wide palate of their musical sensibility. From the dramatic song „Black Widow“ over the atmospheric mood of „Proxima Centauri“ to the intensity of „Downhill Racing“ side A describes a journey that covers a wide range of impressions. On side B, Black Project show a more nuanced sensitivity: After a dialogue between the guitars and the brass section on „Prayer“, the bluesy „La Sainte Vierge noire“ puts the Rhodes keys in the spotlight. Their captivating soundscapes stretch until the album finale "Vicious Circles", where they finally reach even higher grounds.

Again, the sound engineer Philipp Heck brings out the best in the purely analogue signal chain. Through his craft, the intimacy and unique sound of the live concert are authentically preserved on the vinyl.

STUDIO KONZERT is the audiophile Direct-To-2-Track fully analogue recorded concert series, produced by the Bauer Studios since early 2013 and available in shops as numbered and limited 180g vinyl records with a premium-quality packaging.

STUDIO KONZERT: That is our large atmospheric recording room, which inspired numerous first-class artists. That is also extreme concentration and highly motivated artists for this very special moment. It is an attentive audience captivated by the fascination of this moment. This is the only way to create such fascinating moments in a very special concert situation.

STUDIO KONZERT: That are experienced sound engineers who conduct the acoustic brilliance with our first-class studio equipment: precious microphones, analogue effect devices and our clear, analogue Neve mixing console. Our Studer A 820 tape-records in a unique “direct-to-2-track” way.


Black Widow

Proxima Centauri

Downhill Racing


La Sainte Vierge noire (Schwarze Madonna)

Vicious Circles